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Jodie Leonard

Jodie Leonard, Director/Solicitor
Jodie is a duty solicitor with over 14 years' experience. Jodie is experienced in all aspects of criminal law, working regularly in police stations across the south west and daily in both Magistrates' and Crown Courts. She also prosecutes for the Child Maintenance Service. As well as advising and representing in matters concerning the police and the CPS, Jodie can also assist you with matters involving the Disclosure and Barring Service, the Security Industry Authority, HMRC, the Insolvency Service and the RSPCA.

Jeremy Tricks

Jeremy Tricks, Director/Solicitor
Jeremy is a duty solicitor and is based in our Exeter office. Jeremy has worked in criminal law for over 15 years and has extensive experience of all aspects of criminal law. He has a significant own client following. Jeremy covers not only Exeter but police stations and courts across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. Such is his popularity he has been chosen over other local solicitors for cases in Bristol, London and Nottingham.

Steve Jerome

Steve Jerome, Solicitor
Steve is a duty solicitor based in our Plymouth office. Steve has over 20 years' experience in criminal law, and specialises in mental health law. He enjoys representing clients all over the south west and appears in police stations and Magistrates Courts from Penzance to Taunton.

Caroline Salvatore

Caroline Salvatore, Solicitor
Caroline is a duty solicitor and based in our Exeter office. Caroline qualified with a Law Degree from Exeter University in 1985. Since then she has gained more than thirty years' experience in many different areas of law, gaining accreditation on three Law Society panels. Caroline began her career in Birmingham before spending fourteen years with Quality Solicitors Dunn and Baker. For the past 18 years she has specialised in Criminal and family law.

Susan Snow

Susan Snow, Solicitor
Susan is a duty solicitor based in Exeter. She has been advising and representing clients from the Police Station through to trial for over 25 years.

Susan undertook her first degree in law and a Masters in Criminal Law in which attained distinction and merit at University College London in 1992.

Her interest in and specialism in criminal law began at Masters level and encompassed all aspects from arrest with Professor Michael Zander through to sentencing and the criminal process with Professor Andrew Ashworth, Emeritus Professor of Law at Oxford University. Susan also attained a distinction in Youth Justice at Masters level.

From 1992 Susan has worked as a solicitor specialising in criminal law having completed her masters. Susan worked for Taylor Nichol and TV Edwards in London before moving to Exeter in 2012.

Since then Susan has continued has continued her interest and specialisation in criminal law. Her cases have ranged from murder through to less serious offences including court appointed cross-examinations. Susan particularly enjoys undertaking advocacy in criminal trials.

Jolyon Tuck

Jolyon Tuck
Jolyon (Joe) is a duty solicitor based in our Exeter office. He has spent all of his working life in Devon, training and working in Torquay with WBW Solicitors in a busy criminal department for more than ten years. He represents clients at the police station and in the magistrates' court. Joe is a very experienced advocate and will assist you at each stage of your case.

James Rickard

James Rickard
James is a consultant who works as both a duty solicitor but also as a higher courts advocate. James has worked in the region since he qualified in 1988 and is a well known and extremely popular member of the team. James has, in his long and successful career, dealt with every sort of case and every sort of court hearing. His experience is second to none. You can instruct James to deal with your case from start to finish; from the police station right up to trial in the Crown Court.

Maxine Twynam

Maxine Twynam
Maxine is a duty solicitor based in our Exeter office. She obtained a law degree in 2000 from Cardiff University and qualified as a solicitor in 2004 specialising in criminal law. Prior to joining us she spent a number of years practicing criminal law in inner city firms in Bristol. She has also worked for the Youth Offending Team, taught Law A-level and worked for Her Majesty's Court Service as a legal advisor, assisting Magistrates in relation to criminal law. Maxine is a therefore a well-rounded and very experienced advocate, is very approachable, and will assist you at every stage of your case.

Mia Clancy

Mia Clancy
Mia is based in our Plymouth office. Mia supports the solicitors by assisting with file management and liaising with Counsel. You may speak to Mia if you ring the Plymouth office and you are likely to see Mia frequently if your case proceeds to the Crown Court. Mia is currently studying for her law degree and is training to be a police station representative.

Jim Janes

Jim Janes
Jim is based in our Exeter office. Jim supports the solicitors by assisting with file management and liaising with Counsel. You may speak to Jim if you ring the Exeter office and you are likely to see Jim frequently if your case proceeds to the Crown Court.

Lisa Scawn

Lisa Scawn
Lisa is our office manager. You will speak to Lisa if you telephone us. Lisa organises everyone's diaries and ensures the smooth running of each office. If we are all out, Lisa may ask you for details about your case so she can make sure the right person calls you back.

Steve Hailey

Steve Hailey, Administrator
Steve assists us at our Exeter office with the day to day running of the company. You may speak to Steve if you phone our Exeter office.